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Importing LEDs from China — Battle with customs follow-up

Behold, the stickers of DOOM… If you should find any of these on a shipment to you, prepare for battle!

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HZA — Won the battle, but not the war

I ordered a couple of WS2812B on Aliexpress more than THREE months ago. Boy what trouble that has conjured up! The seller on Aliexpress now probably thinks I’m a crook, because I missed an email that asked me to provide … Continue reading

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“Still at war with customs” — yet another letter from the HZA

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to opening this letter… …but there is no way around it.

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V3.04 PCBs from MakePCB have arrived

I’ve waited for 5 weeks for the 2nd batch of the 64-pixel RGB matrix controller boards. This time I ordered from MakePCB as I wanted to test another PCB manufacturer. Also I couldn’t get gold plated pads from GoldPhoenix for … Continue reading

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RoHS compliant soldering

When I decided to revamp my old hobby called electronics, I decided to be RoHS compliant and bought lead-free solder. make: Edsyn type: SAC8250 alloy: Sn95.5Ag3.8Cu0.7 flux: F-SW34 (no-clean) melting point: 217°C As my good old soldering iron works at … Continue reading

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