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Small project #11 — “674”

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of holes and have to use a bridge wire to some free patch on the proto-board? I thought so.

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More light! — Prolly my LAST large perfboard prototype

I’m still alive — physically that is. Recently I felt the urge to do some soldering an I promptly succumbed to it. 3 days later I was done and totally fed up with having to solder using the “W-word”. The … Continue reading

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LT1618 at work — A versatile boost converter

Please make sure you check the schematic, as this one may contain errors! I shall not be responsible for any damage to your chip. This post is about the experimentation phase only. Best to start from the spice model provided … Continue reading

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RGB LED Toy — It works

Well… sort of. I finally got the PCBs from sparkfun! Almost 6 weeks, 9 days only for the “air mail” letter to get to me. Maybe my “dear friends” at the customs office were “busy” again. Unfortunately my request to … Continue reading

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RGB LED Toy — first order at BatchPCB

For quite some time I have 19 SMD RGB LEDs sitting in one of my electronics boxes. It used to be 20, but I’ve ruined one while trying to solder it to perfboard. They are 3 single LEDs put into … Continue reading

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