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Small project #13 — AVR-ISP level shifter (VCC+I/O)

Bought a cheap AVR-ISP programmer on Ebay, and you find out that while it does provide 3.3V, it is VCC-only & your device is NOT 5V tolerant on its I/O pins. BUMMER! This little board fixes just that issue. All … Continue reading

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Small project #8 — ATtiny13 DFN10 programming adapter

There are DFN10 / QFN10 test-sockets, but these things cost close to 100 bucks, which I’m not (yet?) willing to spend on this. If this should work, I would be able to add preprogrammed chips to some SMD DIY kits … Continue reading

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The Pogo-Key — 1.27mm AVR ISP adapter take II

The key to successful AVR programming :-> The previous version of this adapter had a major disadvantage – assembly was a mess. You needed a jig, sticky tape… not good.

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Tiny PCBs vs. large ISP headers — Pogo-pins to the rescue

As of late I’ve been making smaller and smaller circuit boards, fighting for every mm² of space. The typical 6pin ISP connector used for programming a lot of the AVR micro-controllers has been getting in the way more and more.

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