PCB Fab houses

I’ve purchased PCBs form these companies:

Good communication with Mitch, attractive pricing, good quality, supports self-panelization (routing layer, v-groove…).


Very good qualilty. I ordered a batch of 25 and got 26 :-) Was delivered by FEDEX. I orderer Monday morning and got it on Tuesday next week!


  • BatchPCB
Taken over by OSHPark in 2013

Pooling service run by SparkFun. 10$ tooling fee + 2.5$/in² (0.39$/cm²). They’ve got a DRC bot that automatically checks uploaded Gerber files for errors. The boards are manufactures by Gold Phoenix. It’s a nice idea, but for me it just takes too long. Waiting more than 4 weeks for a prototype just doesn’t cut it.


pending… still pending… it arrived. Very good quality, even affordable gold plating, but you have to wait for it. My first order took 5 weeks. Communication is a bit strange, you only get an order confirmation and that’s it. If you want more information, you need to ask.


Propaganda service (now called FUSION) for open source designs. Good quality for small money.


Quite affordable, similar to SeeedStudio. I’ll be able to tell more, once my first order has arrived. Ordered: Oct. 16th, shipped: Oct. 24th, delivered: Nov. 11th. Quality: very good


They use the same PCB factory as SeeedStudio and ITeadStudio.


No extra charge for colored solder-mask! The silkscreen quality / resolution of my last order was excellent.


  • OSHPark (formerly Laen’s PCB order via DorkbotPDX)
Pooling service for prototypes. High quality purple boards. Free shipping options (US + international)! Very useful for small boards. 5$ per square inch for 3 copies of your 2-layer design. They do 4-layer boards too. If you get in touch with them directly, you can order higher volumes as well. Currently the web-interface doesn’t include that option.


Experience with drill files:

You better make sure the drill file complies with these settings. Otherwise you’ll have some emails going back and forth to fix the issue.

  • Drill Units: inches
  • Zeros Format: supress leading zeros
  • Precision: 2.4
  • Drill Origine: Absolute
  • Drill Sheet: None
  • Mirror Y Axis: OFF
  • Minimal Header: ON