This is a collection of the datasheets I’ve used in my projects so far.

You might also want to try the Datasheet Archive.


  • doc8161.pdf, AVR ATmega 168PA/328P microcontroller (new version).
  • doc8025.pdf, AVR ATmega 168P/328P microcontroller (current).
  • doc2545.pdf, AVR ATmega 168 (old design, almost obsolete)
  • doc2549.pdf, AVR ATmega 1280 microcontroller.


  • 2n2222.pdf, NPN, 0.8A, 30V
  • bd679.pdf, NPN, Darlington, 4A, 60V
  • irliz44n.pdf, N-Channel MOSFET, 5V logic level, RDS_on: 0.022, 30A, 55V
  • irlz44n.pdf, N-Channel MOSFTET, 5V logic level, RDS_on: 0.022, 47A, 55V
  • AO3401, P-channel MOSFET, SOT23, 30V, 4A, logic-level, 60mΩ
  • APT0002 Appnote describing an active load
  • an-941 Appnote about paralleling MOSFETS

LED Drivers:

Passive components:

Other components:

Mechanical components:

  • LPH.pdf, mini switch by SCHURTER, type LPH. See the KICAD page for a library
  • tqfp-32_7x7.pdf, TQFP-32, 7x7mm package dimensions

Application notes:

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