IKEA Samtid mood-light upgrade

Status: ACTIVE
Availability: design files / code / hardware

Arduino compatible (ATmega168) WS2812B mood-light.

2 Responses to IKEA Samtid mood-light upgrade

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Robert, we are interested in your controller unit.if we use same design, could it can drive APA104 led. or we need revise somewhere? APA104 led’ timing and data format is similar with ws2812B. here datasheet: http://www.greeled.net/uploadfile/03/60/6003/21141/10/21/apa104-greeled.pdf

    • robert says:

      The electrical characteristics of the APA104 LED appear to be identical to the WS2812B.

      Chances are good for it to work as is. Build a prototype to be certain.

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