Code::Blocks + AVR

I want true cross-platform software and a well featured IDE as well. The core libraries of Arduino are great, but the ‘text-editor’ is sub-optimal.

Code::Blocks to the rescue!

So far I’ve got it to work with avr-gcc. I took the core Arduino libraries (+ the ‘Wire’ library) and created two projects for them. One compiles the ‘core.a’ file for your main code, the other one compiles the ‘main.cpp’ and links it to ‘core.a’. So far everything seems to work ;-)

If you want to play with it, get it here [1],[2]. You will most likely have to adapt a few path settings in the build options. I tried to use relative paths as much as possible. Be warned, there’s one bash script in there to combine the .o files of the core library into a single .a file. On winblows you’ll have to replace that with something else or do it by hand.

…to be continued…

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