BestKitchenLightsEver ™

Availability: design-files/code

Towards re-illuminating my kitchen workspace and probably spending much more money and time than necessary to do so. This page will be a centralized access point to everything related to that quest.

For now you can have a look at the code and layout files via their git repositories, and at some photos on Flickr as well. The boards are controlled by either an ATtiny24 (old version) or an ATtiny2313 microcontroller. 32 superflux-class white LEDs are handled by a Macroblock MBI5168 LED driver.

And if you want to learn something about PWM, have a look at the following posts and please also consider reading the valuable (mostly) comments as well: PWM again, Hackaday.

LCD Monitor backlights

With a little bit of ‘Ponoko‘ I was easily able to re-purpose the 1st revision prototypes – the ones using ATtiny24 chips – as backlights for my LCD monitor. That is proper UP-cycling! Now I get at least the illusion of daylight when I’m writing.

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