8×8 RGB LED Matrix

Availability: design-files/code

Some blog posts about it: by myself, external




For flashing the bootloader I recommend the very affordable USBtinyISP by adafruit. Just program and upload as usual with the Arduino IDE and a USB/TTL converter like this or that. If you have trouble to upload code with the Arduino IDE, maybe auto-reset doesn’t work. There’s a Perl script that enables auto-reset with FTDI USB/serial adapter cables. There’s also the option to upload code by manually resetting the board as described here.

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  2. 32teeth says:

    you have any left?
    this is great work!!!

  3. robert says:

    A few are left.

  4. Allan says:

    What are those female headers called? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while.

  5. robert says:

    Called? I could give you the German name for them, but that wouldn’t help I guess. For me they’re just ‘female headers’ when I use the English language ;-) There are the cheap ones (square pins) and the ‘precision’ / ‘machined’ types (round pins). The 10pin female headers used on the board are the cheap ones, the 8pin headers are the ‘better’ ones.


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  7. Andrew says:

    Are these modular. Can you put them together for large displays?

  8. robert says:

    Sort of. You can mount them next to each other, but there will be a gap of 2-3 mm between the modules. It might get better after milling/grinding off some unused space at the edges of the PCB. A dirty job.

    I really never designed it with building a bigger display (scrolling text etc.) in mind, because it would have been quite costly with many modules in a row. But you can always get a Rainbowduino, which should work that way. And of course I can’t compete with a real business selling these things.

    Or you could download my design files and fix it for your needs ;-)

  9. wong ying loong says:

    Dear sir,

    i m student in self-study and online college in Malaysia
    I m interested in 8 x 8 RGB led display Kit
    can i know how much is cost to purchase it
    1. Full kIt
    2. the Pcb and led matrix
    3. pcb only




    • robert says:


      have a look at my shop please ;-)

      I offer a full DIY kit including the LED matrix, and just the bare PCB.

      If you have access to a PCB manufacturing service that is cheaper for you, just download the gerber files and have the boards made locally. There is demo code as well.

      Everything is open source ;-)

  10. Anon says:

    Looks like rainbowduino stole your design :)

  11. robert says:

    Maybe they were ‘inspired’ by it.

    But it’s a better product as far as brightness is concerned. It’s got LED drivers and all. Of course if you want to improve soldering skills, mine is better. Self assembled ;-)

  12. samhain says:

    Hi robert,
    I’m going to made board via PCB manufacturer, please tell me gerber files are independent from designing applications? i mean is this universal?

  13. robert says:

    Gerber files are the standard manufacturing files for printed circuit boards. Every decent manufacturer will take them. And every decent PCB layout design application will produce Gerber files.

  14. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, Robert, i have been looking around for a bit trying to find a project like this to create some sort of larger matrix panel, i have a project working right now but i’m using a comon cathode matrix and a code that doesnt allow me to have many colours, im using 4 ‘595 3 for the anodes and the last one conected to the bases of 8 transistors to sink the cathodes. i’ve been looking at your code, in order to modify it myself to create the effects i would like but i really dont understand it well. my questions would be:

    can i make your code work with my common cathode matrix with a simple modification of it? if so, how can i do?
    and could you explain in a basic way how you tell the matrix wich led’s it has to light up and with wich colour?

  15. robert says:

    Answer part 1:

    If your matrix is wired in a sane way, it should be easy. Just invert the logic where necessary.

    Take a look at the comments of this post:


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