The Tale of “Nitecore” Keychain LED lamps …

Once upon a time there was an overly enthusiastic browser of ebay items, instigated by “BigClive” to buy stuff. He purchased two Nitecore knock-off lights, a bit too cheap to be true!

The packaging looks surprisingly good. Guess which one is the real thing. While waiting for the stuff from China to arrive, he also purchased a set of 2 genuine Nitecore “Tube” lamps on Amazon. This will turn out to be crucial.


Several months later (sponge-bob narrator voice).

Well, I got busy. The cheap thing worked at first – until I charged it. Then it broke, not the LED, not the LiPo management chip, but the controller itself!

ON BOTH FAKE LED LAMPS. Failure by design again.

I was contemplating converting these thing to full manual mode, i.e. bypassing the controller IC with the switch, but no time once again.

What I did manage to do was to test the LED. Here I’m bridging Vcc to the GATE of the MOSFET controlling the LED. It worked. BTW, it doesn’t have a LED driver OR sufficient resistor. The MOSFET itself was abused for that – and got quite TOASTY.

So, it ends here.

Two useless LED lamps that might be abused as annoyatrons. The LiPos don’t even have a protection circuit. Shees. I did order a decent replacement battery for one, but never used it. Guess what, no time.


The real NiteCore LED lamps ARE WORTH EVERY CENT. They just work, no hassle, decent battery life …

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