A Ghost from 1995 – Good Riddance

It’s free !!!

Communication charges may apply. Oh, well… AOL4.0 PDF (450kb)

But wait, there’s more!

Genuine Windows95 (with USB support !!! Wow !!!)

I didn’t even bother to pixelize the numbers. NOBODY in their right mind will use this stuff anyway. From today’s perspective its absolute crap.

P.S. The DVDs (oops, CDs) are not even bootable. I didn’t find dos disk images on them either… Hrmmm… Who wants to buy DOS ;-)

Anybody need EMPTY CD cases? I’ve got about 100+ now. Impending trip to the recycling containers.

I’ll have to scan the SuSE boxes though, before I trash them. I’ve already ripped the DVDs. SuSE Professional 7.3 doesn’t really work nicely with today’s internet (e.g. YouTube).


Siemens Nixdorf. That stuff is old.

Who wants a new car from 1995?

Such a waste of material. Why not just send the licences & ONE installation medium? Nitwits.

That’s all for 2016 folks.

Happy New Year 2017!


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