IWATSU LeCroy 9350A — bringing back old memories…

This “beauty” appeared on my desk today. Just testing & playing with it. I used the arb sig-gen of a PicoScope 2204A for generating a unpleasant test-signal. Trying to trigger on it was “interesting” :-)

But before all of that I had to use a very strong citrus cleaner to remove old grime and inevitably disintegrating plastic feet & glue. Now the whole thing & my office smells XMASy.

At first I was trying to use this HAMEG 1005, but it didn’t work. The Tube didn’t even light up… a bit sad.

Using tirgger hold-off to trigger on the 2nd peak, works most of the time ;-)

Down the floppy hatch!

The usual suspects on the rear end

Who’s afraid of the cal-void sticker?

A bit of video, just playing with it. Don’t complain, skip ahead…

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