Attempted Aircraft Spotting — MUC

Since I hear the effing aircrafts all the time, I might as well go and take a closer look at them, no?

An impromptu Sunday trip to ‘MUC’ (or FJS).

A complete failure!

I didn’t get to photograph any planes at all. It was dark… and where I could have shot a few nice images of the terminals, I couldn’t stop and park the car.

I shall have to repeat it.

Magnificent shot of a rental car in “P20”.


“MUC MAC” – Food shopping on a Sunday evening. Yay!!!


The car retaliated with pressure loss in the rear left tyre the next day. Down to 1.6bar, should be 2.4bar.


So… airplanes… maybe next time. I “promise”.

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  1. foo says:

    your anti image deeplink hack makes reading articles from your rss feed impossible

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