“Six Sigma For Dummies” — An attempt of a book review

To make one thing clear, I was looking for a book describing the concept, methodology and application of “Six Sigma”. So you now know my expectations: facts, recipes, some math & statistics primer, NOT a lot of prosa / wall of text without content or just stating the blatantly obvious.

The first half of the book is quite a lot of text, stating stuff that is obvious and or trivial in my opinion. One might even go as far as calling it a lot of “Blah Blah”.

50% of 30€ down the drain so far.

Maybe the 2nd half of this book will guide me on my path towards “Six Sigma” enlightenment. For some reason I’m thinking about “Shifu” and “Oogway”.

Yes… significantly more substance! Excuse the joke. You probably hate me now. To give you a hint, I read the 1st half of the book in “a day” (on an off). The next 50 pages or so took me a couple of hours, trying to wrap my head around certain things, memorizing or trying to remember some facts from back in the days at Uni.

Unfortunately some facts are glossed over (e.g. Poisson distribution) and too many formulas are either wrong or at least inconsistent. This may have been introduced by the person doing the layout of the formulas in LaTeX.

Verdict: Usable. Good to have other literature or Wikipedia to look up formulas that seem to be a bit weird or plain wrong. Maybe skip the first half of the book if you’re getting bored.

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2 Responses to “Six Sigma For Dummies” — An attempt of a book review

  1. Jhonatan Duran says:

    first say sorry because I’ll question about other topic, this one: http://blog.spitzenpfeil.org/wordpress/2009/06/20/128-64-x-2-extending-to-larger-matrix-displays/
    I’m trying built a vumeter 16×8 based in your job, I’m using 5 shift register 74hc595, and I don’t know how change this part of the code for the 5th 74hc595

    I know this project is very old and is possible you can’t help.
    Sorry if I bored you, thanks
    PD: Sorry by my English

    • robert says:


      1) expand the brightness array to 16 rows (0…15)

      2) try this for BOTH row controlling 595

      It’s been a while, so use with caution.

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