YOUYUE 858D+ hotair station — Bugfix release V1.44

I’m glad to announce that the annoying watchdog issue has finally been fixed. It was a dumb error on my side, combined with a prevalence in some ATmega chips to have certain binary values in uninitialized registers after a cold start.

release 1.44

* Fixed “.init1” mistake –> watchdog_off_early.

Putting that into .init1 doesn’t work, as it requires R1 to be ZERO.
“eor R1,R1” comes later, so it blows up.

V1.44 release on Github.

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2 Responses to YOUYUE 858D+ hotair station — Bugfix release V1.44

  1. Francesco says:

    Hello! Do you have any informations on the hot air handle with all of these wires coming out? Like the ones sold as replacement, i would like to build one with arduino, but i don’t have idea on the wirings, which temp sensor uses voltages etc!

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