The day the Twitter died…

I case you haven’t noticed yet, TWITTER IS DOWN, oh no!

First I suspected my friggin’ Android-Tablet, as usual (and rightly so). It is slow and crash-happy, I suspect very poor quality FLASH-memory (IOWAIT is insanely high, fstrim doesn’t do anything, factory-reset is useless…). When funds allow it some time in the future, I will destroy it and shoot a nice YouTube video of me going crazy with a heavy iron object. Am I rambling again? Sorry…

Back to Twitter!

It’s still down, ARGH ARGH ARGH.

I wonder how I would feel should Twitter finally be going the way of the dodo some day. I suspect a feeling of great loss would follow. Yes, there is a great deal of drivel & nonsense on there (I’m guilty as well), a great deal on purpose I guess, BUT at least for me personally the the SNR (*) makes it totally worth it. I don’t know any of my Twitter acquaintances face-to-face, but I’d miss the whole lot of them!

Somehow Twitter seduces its users to being extremely informal, even with people like “Richard Dawkins”, and more often than not you even get an answer of some sort. Sometimes I get a niggling thought that I’m doing something forbidden ;-)

STILL DOWN! [Tue Jan 19 13:31:18 UTC 2016]


No use continuing this for now…

Well, “Back To The Bench”!

(*) Signal to Noise Ratio

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