Spontaneous LED bulb teardown — OSRAM AA66588 [10W]

Yes, yet another power-supply failure!


The plastic dome came off reasonably easily.


The LED board is epoxied down, but it wasn’t bonded too hard. Plus, there are 2 holes conveniently located allowing screw-driver insertion. Perfect!


Power is passed to the LED emitter using spring contacts.


A nice-looking LED emitter. Surprisingly high operating voltage of about 73V (@120mA).


And yes, once again, all the LEDs still work! What a waste!


I would’ve liked to tear it down further, I might have discovered a reason for the power-supply’s early demise, but the potting compound is rather impenetrable.

The only measured value I have, as far as the power-supply goes, is an open-circuit output voltage of 132V. That may or may not have been influenced by an internal error. I tried to repeat the measurement, but that failed.

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