Importing LEDs from China — Battle with customs follow-up

Behold, the stickers of DOOM…

If you should find any of these on a shipment to you, prepare for battle!


Prepare for battle, prepare to wait for weeks, make sure to collect ALL information that might help show that your product is “safe” (CE, RoHS…), try to find shops / distributors WITHIN THE EU that sell the very same product, print that out and forward it to the customs folk.

And now… IT IS DONE! (and far too hot in here… summer…)

Date of order on Aliexpress: 21.03.2015
Date of final “delivery”: 03.07.2015
Time spent waiting & cursing: about 3 months + 1 week.

Was it worth it? No comment!

Now I need to cool down!

Over and out.

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4 Responses to Importing LEDs from China — Battle with customs follow-up

  1. ubi de feo says:

    good to hear.
    take a break. I hope you’ll survive the heat-wave.
    it’s killing me :D


  2. mnt says:

    Had my own fair share of trouble with this idiotic office that causes months of trouble for even the smallest or logical things. Since then i ask my suppliers to massively mislabel the products. Works.

    Will now shutdown my PC before the GPU melts.

  3. Hans Leibold says:

    hi robert,

    frustrating but easy to avoid: the problem ist that every product thats sold to private customers in germany needs to be rohs compliant (wich was not the problem here) and has a CE certivicate (or at least a CE sign on it). Because the German customs confused your leds with a led strip they expected a CE sign on it.

    easy solution: order your stuff with a company shipping adress :-) That will work out in 99%

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