Status lamp on the loose — Partial oven teardown


ARGH! I can’t be having with that! I do hope this lamp is a low voltage one…


Having looked at it for some time, I’ve come to the conclusion to give super-glue a try. If that fails, I’ll replace the lamp with a new one.

So many wires… fortunately there was a lot of slack in them. Thanks to whoever designed it that way! Interestingly, one of the hot plates comes with a dedicated connector for easy replacement, all the other ones use automotive-style spade connectors.

Now let’s take a look at the oven control module / timer with its VF-display.



I haven’t measured the voltage across the MOV. I refuse to touch things that are potentially “hot”. However, I measured about 500k without anything connected. It seems to be a LittleFuse part (about 12 years old), but I couldn’t find it in their current catalog. The VFD control chip by AMIS (now onsemi) is an elusive one as well. No datasheet to be found. I can only guess by the way the MOV is connected to the rest of the control board, it seems to work as a very crude voltage stabilizer.

Fixed – until it falls off the next time.

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