ISML killed 1st power supply — short autopsy

Last night I experienced a slight audible annoyance, coming from the #ISML power supply (5V-3A). Shortly thereafter the light literally went out, permanently. I noticed a very faint smell of burnt electronics, but delayed the autopsy until today.


The smell is awful!

Short summary of the autopsy:

  • The output caps have vented, all of them. I could smell that alright
  • The input fuse has blown
  • The bridge-rectifier is good (salvaged)
  • Something else is low-resistance downstream of the rectifier (2.6R)

I’ve decided not to investigate any further, as I don’t feel like hunting for replacement semiconductors for a 5-10 buck device. The housing is permanently broken as well, and these days I just don’t fancy getting shocked or electrocuted.

The End:


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