The “at war with customs” saga continues

Today, a Sunday, I discovered a letter in my mailbox.

A LETTER FROM CUSTOMS – >> MAIN OFFICE <<. I did not open it, as to not ruin the end of the weekend. Now it is Monday, and I'm going to open said letter right NOW. I have a gut feeling it will make me go "wide awake" within seconds...

Nothing here yet? I’m just reading the friggin’ letter & will update shortly!


Well I’m screwed…


They’ve rejected import :-(

The roll of individual WS2812B LEDs on feeder-tape was classified as a “5V LED-strip” (an end-user product) that supposedly has to have CE markings. Madness!

Well, I shall hear from them again. No doubt about that.

I’ve sent them a little letter, accompanied by the WS2812B datasheet & some photos showing the difference between components on feeder-tape and a ready-to-go LED-strip, pointing towards this, what I believe to be, a mis-classification.

Anyhow, if things go ever more sour than this, I have the choice between having it shipped back to china or DESTRUCTION.

I wonder if I could get a refund from the Aliexpress seller…

P.S.: I’m quite sure this whole “act”, up to now, has cost much much more than what the shipment was worth. Pure madness!

P.P.S.: I wonder why distributors such as Mouser / Digikey don’t have these devices in their catalogue. Yes, they sell the Adafruit-10-packs, but that is a) too expensive and b) just not enough. I need many many of them. Why don’t they stock reels?

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