Small project #12 ½ — IKEA Samtid mood-light-upgrade upgrade

Someone, I won’t mention any names here, practically coerced me into upgrading this little project a bit.


Now there’s the option to add a bluetooth module (HC-05, JY-MCU “ZS-040”), which supports remote code upload, or a WiFi module (ESP8266-1) using a small adapter with integrated 3.3V regulator. The WiFi module requires quite a bit of current, so the on-board 3.3V regulator feeding the ATmega168P can’t handle that.

The bluetooth module should allow remote control from Android phones, the WiFi module should allow remote control using a web browser. All of this will be quite “interesting”, as coding applications is not what I usually do.

For now just images.

ESP8266-1 WiFi module adapter:

Silkscreen is for amateurs!


Fortunately only one board was affected.

Assembling the lamp & hunting for dead WS2812Bs:

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