No more SATAsfaction — DIE you friggin cable


For some time now I’ve had issues with SATA bus-errors once in a while. The latest occurrence was a few days ago, a day after I had made a full backup.

Less than 1MB/s is not exactly normal. Usually I get about 90MB/s from that disk.



I couldn’t really explain it, the disk was / is fine [works now – as usual].

After some head-scratching I remembered I had unplugged the disk, as I was messing with “secure delete” on an external USB disk – and didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot. That didn’t work, so I just wiped it and after that was done plugged the SATA disk back in. It appears that the trouble started afterwards.

Anyhow, thanks to a different SATA cable, everything is back to normal again.

BUT… I wanted revenge!


I present to You, the headless snake!


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