KiCad BZR5025 full windows installer

Someone on the KiCad mailing list has created a windows installer of the BZR5025 code base, including libraries, demo projects, docs…

I’ve mirrored it on my server for your convenience.

KiCad downloads

Please note that this version uses library-tables and the new ‘pretty’ footprint format. It also uses the new “version 4” board format, which is not backward compatible. Boards saved with this version cannot be opened with older KiCad releases before BZR4958.

Please take the usual precautions when working on boards that are dear to you – make backups and use a decent version control software (git comes to mind), so you can easily roll-back if something goes wrong. Commit frequently!

You may want to look into using a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware…) for testing these releases.

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6 Responses to KiCad BZR5025 full windows installer

  1. Geert Vancompernolle says:

    Downloaded the executable, but when trying to install, it warns me it will overwrite existing files from the currently installed KiCAD, which I of course don’t want. So, I declined the installation.
    How to cope with this?

    • robert says:

      I’ve just tried it myself and what can I say, what a lousy installer.

      The BZR5025 package uses a different one, which does allow choosing a different destination directory.

      Your best option for testing however would be running a virtual machine (e.g. VirtualBox). These things are ideal for that and with snapshots you can roll back to a clean state in seconds.

      Having multiple installations side-by-side is probably not a good idea, as the environment variables (KISYSMOD…) would most likely conflict.

  2. Mars says:

    I see that you have mirrored BZR5762 (16 June 2015).
    Is this the version you are currently using?

    I’m in the process of migrating from BZR4022 to the latest and greatest as I want to use the pretty formats, P&S router, etc. But I don’t want to find out which version is ‘stable’ by trial and error…

  3. robert says:

    I compile from source and use the “latest & greatest” version available (linux). The last version I used for a project was 5783. The dev-team is currently fully dedicated to fixing bugs & getting a new stable release out of the door (all platforms).

    So if you don’t feel like experimenting at all, waiting some time might be a good idea. Unfortunately I can’t recall an exact release date, but I think it was summer 2015.

    • Mars says:

      According to a FOSDEM 2015 presentation, the next stable release should be “Hopefully by end of Q2 2015”, in other words: next week ;)

      But as I haven’t read anything about a real date, and that I now have some time to migrate, I was looking for the almost-stable-release.

      I think I simply use one of the latest builds and see how far I come.

      I assume – as you use one of the latest builds – that there are no big bugs anymore that prevent using KiCAD for some prototype PCB’s.

      • robert says:

        Well, save often, use version control, make backups ;-)

        I haven’t come across anything that I’d consider a show-stopper lately, but I don’t use/need all of the features.

        The most annoying thing I’ve come across that could potentially cause harm is that the P&S router’s DRC doesn’t do well with rotated non-circular pads. You can create shorts on purpose.

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