Small project #11 — “674”


Don’t you just hate it when you run out of holes and have to use a bridge wire to some free patch on the proto-board? I thought so.

I was expecting the manufacturer to complain about the somewhat high number of drills per unit area, but nothing of the sort! What was an even bigger surprise was the delivery time. Usually shipments from China take weeks. Most of that delay is caused by customs processing. They check everything. This time it only took a week, which is very nice. I got the boards within 2 weeks from date of order. Much better than the usual 3-4.

Unfortunately they slapped their internal reference number onto the front side again. Oh well…



There’s also a “1464” variant, but I haven’t had it made yet. It’s basically the same as the “674”, but wider. One notable difference is that the power-bus is split in the middle, so you can easily use different voltage levels, or just bridge it if not needed.


  • All design files for grabs [1][2]. Made with KiCad
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2 Responses to Small project #11 — “674”

  1. These are great! Are you selling them? I’d be happy to throw in on your next order and grab some of these.

    • robert says:

      I put some up on tindie. If you need more than just one or two you’d be better off ordering a pack of 10 at the usual chinese pcb services. I ordered these at iteadstudio.

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