A long long time ago I can still remember…


To all the still young whippersnappers, this was before the internet became ‘en vogue’ and easily accessible. Unless you wanted to pay 20$ per hour for a dialup connection using an analog modem with a 9600-link, maybe even 19200.

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4 Responses to A long long time ago I can still remember…

  1. randy says:

    How about learning BASIC via a teletype machine hooked to a minicomputer via a 300 baud acoustic cup modem. Them was the days, or something like that … :)

    • robert says:

      Yes! I remember those. Thankfully I was lucky enough to have had a 2400 modem available at that time. And when sending a fax, it even sped up to a whopping 9600.

      The days of ‘Terminate’ and Z-modem… and outrageous phone bills :-)

  2. Kleedi says:

    I bought this 2400 modem from you … without the power supply … so we powered it with the current transformer of my model railroad ;-)

    &ATDP 783702

  3. markus says:

    yea, a long time ago … remember your WLAN-bridge project with the drivers that have to be compiled for Suse-Linux and the ISDN dialup …

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