YOUYUE 858D+ hotair station — reverse engineering #5

The lack of an ISP connector on this board has given me a lot of grief. This little adapter board will solve that problem once and for all. It also provides a couple of through-hole pads for potentially adding some more stuff. Clearance distances to the high-voltage parts should still be tolerable.


You can find the gerber files on the projects page.

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8 Responses to YOUYUE 858D+ hotair station — reverse engineering #5

  1. tx8 says:

    Nice! Did you etch the board yourself? If so how did you do the white text and what solder mask did you use?

  2. tx8 says:

    Wow, thats like 15 eurocent per square cm of double layer pcb, shipped from usa…


  3. SnakeHanau says:

    Great work !
    Your Code works absolute perfect

    Thanks for your work

  4. Peter says:


    I just ordered the board from OSH park. Unfortunately I neither find the values for C1 und C2 anywhere nor can I find a source for the soldering pins that you have used.
    Could you add that information?

    Thanks a lot!

    • robert says:

      The values are in the schematic file (PDF), which you may have missed. I’ve renamed it to make it stick out more.

      I’ve added a digikey order number which _may_ work. Best to check the dimensions in the datasheet.

      Am besten bekommt man die Sockel von MPE/Garry (siehe Docs Ordner) bei Reichelt.

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