Prototype stencils from OSHStencils

First generation (now obsolete) stencil from




About to be used:


As you can see in the first two images, there were some accuracy issues, frayed edges in particular.

As you can see in the following image, the 2nd generation stencils have drastically improved! The component with the smallest structures is a DFN10 package (ATtiny13A).


I haven’t had a chance of testing the improved stencils yet – run out of boards.

As of recently, you can also buy a ‘stencil jig’ from OSHStencils. It’s either black or white acrylic and comes in two 90°-angle pieces.

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One Response to Prototype stencils from OSHStencils

  1. OSHStencils says:

    The first batch of stencils were cut on faulty equipment which we have since replaced. Thankfully only a small handful of them got out to the public before we caught it and changed the equipment, and our QA process to ensure that doesn’t ever happen again. We take the quality of our product very seriously and apologize for that first batch.

    We’re currently producing what’s shown in the last image. High quality, ultra precision, fine pitch low cost stencils.

    We appreciate the write up, and for you trying our service!

    -OSH Stencils

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