Weller WMRP RT4 — 1.5mm chisel tip

Fancy packaging.


Old versus new.


The rotten tip is the old RT3 that came with the WSM-1 soldering station. As discussed previously, it lasted about 3 years of moderate use. I use a dry ‘brass-sponge’, which may have contributed significantly to the erosion process.

I was thinking about all sorts of tips to get when the RT3 failed. Chisel, knife-edge, hoof, solder-depot-tip… and all of the available sizes as well. As I mainly do small SMD stuff (0603 and up) and integrated circuits (SOT23, SOT89, SOP…), I chose a smallish chisel tip that’s a tiny bit wider than the old RT3 was. I think the chisel-shape is the most versatile one. It’s still small enough to get inbetween closely packed 0603 parts, but also works fine for drag soldering and heating up larger parts. Think transistors with large pads for cooling on a copper plane.

Some details on the back side


Electrically the new tip is the same. Still 40W, 4s heat-up time… soldering happily at 270°C again :-)

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