Small project #5 — Pentax s5z LED ring for macro shots

My trusty Pentax S5z still works reliably. I’ve had it for 8 years now. It doesn’t shoot HD videos and it requires a couple of replacement batteries now and then, but it makes quite nice macro shots (with the help of an additional lens, which is the magnifier lens in one of my Swiss-Army-Knives).


One problem with macro shots is how to get sufficient light to the object. This LED ring will slip over the extended objective and I hope it will brighten things up quite a bit.

Want one? Check out

The circuit is very simple, just a bunch of LEDs with resistors, a FET, microcontroller and two buttons. Initially I was thinking about using a boost converter so I could run it off 3V (2x AA cells) or a LiPo, but due to the limited space and my single-side-load requirement that idea was scrapped. In the end I went for the simplest solution and ignored energy efficiency and so forth. That also keeps the part-cost down.

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