Find the bug!

I ordered a couple of parts from MicrochipDirect. The overall experience was very positive: rather quick delivery, very reasonable shipping costs (considering it was sent by courier).

Oh, I forgot to name the part ;-) MCP1804

Have a look at the invoice and find the bug.


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3 Responses to Find the bug!

  1. Wrong description! A MCP1804 is a LDO voltage regulator.

  2. robert says:

    That was quick ;-)

    I wonder if they got a bit creative with the description to circumvent customs regulations. But why would voltage regulators need any special treatment? It must be the 10nA shutdown current.

  3. Haha, if anything I think there would be more strict customs regulations on radio transceivers than voltage regulators. Bizarre. Might be worth telling them so they can go fix it.

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