Digging deeper — MRIed

Today I’ll post about something not directly related to my electronics projects.

I’m an avid biker, the pedal driven thing, not the one for lazy folk – or at least I used to be. For quite some time I’ve been plagued with a sharp and insidious pain in my right knee. It doesn’t strike every time I stress my right knee, but when it does… you just don’t want to have something like that. It has become a safety issue as well. Just imagine you NEED to accelerate and push as hard as you can and suddenly your right leg buckles due to pain. You could very easily tip over in mid action and break your neck. No good at all.

After being X-rayed and fortunately not having found anything serious, I was given a supporting knee-bandage with metal springs, but that didn’t do much, except impede blood flow. At least it feels like that when wearing it. Sorry, no X-ray images this time.

Long story short, today at 06:45 AM I was pushed into an MRI tube. I was still more than half asleep. I still wonder how I drove my car – probably on auto-pilot. Enjoy the images! The MRI scanner was of Philips brand.

Some advice: don’t forget earplugs. They did have fancy ear-protection (I guess with anti-phase technology), but it was still a hell of a noise when the machine switched the field-coils.

Dak dak dak dak zzzzzrrrrrmmmmm, Dak dak dak dak zzzzzrrrrrmmmmm, errrrp!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time or opportunity for ‘experiments’ with the magnetic field. No metal parts (internal or external) allowed. At least the medical technicianess was quite good looking and very professional too. No complaints ;-)

Next week I’ll know more. Today they couldn’t finish the report, just took the images. My local doc gave me an injection right into the knee. Hopefully that will calm the thing down a bit, whatever it is.

Diagnosis (shortened):

Bad news:

2nd to 3rd degree damage to the cartilage behind the kneecap + some sort of oedema + other minor stuff.

Good news:

No ‘free particles’ floating around and doing more damage.

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