I received an email today…

The sender was the current CEO of LeCroy, Thomas H. Reslewic.

I’m glad they have finally taken action. I was offered a full refund. I hope they will also look into all the WaveAce 224 issues I’ve documented so far – and have them fixed!

I won’t be making any new WaveAce 224 related videos. Our ways will part pretty soon and I’ll be looking for a suitable replacement – which will take a while. Of course this time I will subject any candidate to a rigorous in-person close examination before I hand over the money.

Time to move on.

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2 Responses to I received an email today…

  1. FlorinC says:

    Wow! So it works!

    • robert says:

      This time it did work. I wonder how much has to be attributed to EEVBLOG forum and twitter posts. There seems to be a few LeCroy people who hang around there. Thanks to everybody who is/was involved!

      Now which scope should I get. If I bought one with all the features that I’d like to have…. I could get a new car for that price. I must focus on what I need ;-) Maybe I should just try a cheap Rigol and see how far that gets me. If that has issues, it won’t hurt much.

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