WaveAce 224 — Mini rant #10: Eternal boot splash

Usually when I turn it on it shows the blue Lecroy splash screen, thinks for a while, clicks a few relays, beeps, and then show the usual screen, channel information, grid and so forth.

It got a bit warm today.

Maybe that was enough to throw the WaveAce 224 off its mental balance a bit. When I started it up, I got the “eternal boot splash”. I had to press the ‘ANY KEY’ button to get rid of the boot splash. What’s weird about this is that the previous firmware had ‘press a button’ or something like that on the splash screen, BUT since the firmware update that was NOT needed anymore.

I played with it a bit, ran the self-calibration and some self-tests and it finally behaved ‘normal’ again – as far as the boot screen is concerned. The other issues remained. I will see if it misbehaves again tomorrow.

Enjoy the video. I cut out most of the self-calibration part. The rest is uncut.

Well, I have a feeling it was the timebase setting. If you look closely, at the beginning of the video it was set to 50s/div, later the auto-mode changed it to something a lot smaller and the boot screen disappeared as usual. I’ll have to verify this later.

It may not strictly be a bug, but it is still pretty darn idiotic for the boot screen to wait until such an extremely long sweep is over. Why does it even start a sweep before the boot screen is gone? Thinking about it again, it fits into the whole picture of this device. It definitely has not seen any in depth testing… I’m certain of that fact.

I think I will test my next scope in person before handing over the money. And if I should ever find a pot of gold (or equivalent) somewhere… I WILL get a Chainsaw and cut this darn thing in half.

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