WaveAce 224 — Mini rant #9: ZOOM Zoom zoom… or NOT…

Will it ever end? How many bugs are there still to be discovered…

A word of warning: there will be some strong language in the post. If anybody affiliated with Lecroy should read this, please feel offended – not as a person, but as part of that company. It is well deserved!

What I’m doing – or trying to do:

1) Set the timebase to 25.0µs and capture a signal in single-shot mode. TRY to zoom in by turning the timebase-knob 1-step clockwise

Result: it immediately jumps to 1µs and gives me shit.

2) Do the same thing with an initial timebase of 1.0µs, capture + zoom in

Result: it works !

W-T-F ! ? !

Every time I use this heap of … and stumble upon ANOTHER issue on my list, I think about the money I spent for this thing. It’s just sad stuff like this is released with such a bug-ridden firmware.

I thought Lecroy was a good brand, but apparently that is NOT the case in the low-end sector. Personally I expect the same thorough testing in low-end scopes as in their high-end multi-100k$ devices. SHAME ON YOU!

Could I have my money back please?

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