WaveAce 224 — Mini rant #5: Now what is this?

Got the ‘pulse-trigger’ to trigger. This time I don’t care if the set pulse-length is actually accurate, I just wanted it to trigger on the ‘thing’ and it did. Fine – happy happy joy joy!

Then I felt like moving the trace up a bit to make room for some more…

What a BAD idea!

For some unfathomable reason the rotten THING loses the trigger – and all I did was move the trace. Usually pressing the trigger option button “set to 50%” is a good idea, this time it fails miserably. I don’t know why I have to readjust the trigger level when moving the trace up on the screen. The little trigger level indicator move up too (as it should). Usually the trigger level is relative to the signal’s GND level and NOT an absolute number (referenced to the bottom of the screen or something else). WTF !?!

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