Lecroy WaveAce 224 — Mini hack #001: Upgraded ground clip

I managed to damage the alligator clip on one of my probe’s ground cables.

It was probably a bad one and it fatigued. I replaced the alligator clip with one I found in a box. During this procedure it turned out that the cable starts to melt at 120°C. ARGH. The cable was pretty short to begin with and now it was even shorter, which seriously limited its usefulness for me. The new alligator clip turned out to be pretty bad as well. The rubber sheath is too tight, which prevents the clip to fully close. Thin cables just slip through its teeth. Duh.

“I ain’t avin it! Where’s the hammer?”

So I headed to the single local electronics store left in this place and procured another alligator clip and some flexible cable. In addition I added another cable that fits on standard 0.1-in male headers. This will be very handy, as I’m mostly poking around in digital electronics. And just in case I should need them, there are 3 (too short) unspoilt ground clip cables left over.

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