WaveAce 224 — Mini rant #4: Fixed record-length…

Noooooooo………………………………………..(gasp, cough)

Well, as I’m talking about 10k points here. When wanting to monitor longer high(er) frequency signals it is usually not enough (even some of the cheaper Rigol DSOs have 1M memory depth), when looking at very slooooow stuff it is waaaay too much. I’m assuming we’re not looking for little glitches. So the fixed record-length is only a problem at really large timebase values 100µs and up.

The screen refresh rate is down to 1Hz (and below!) and it feels pretty sluggish. Trying to trigger (simple edge trigger) gets a pain in the (xxx), as it takes ‘forever’ for the next scan to start. Pressing the ‘force’ button didn’t seem to do anything at slow speeds. Or maybe I’m just to impatient.

As far as triggering is concerned I’m used to my very old Tektronix 314 analog storage oscilloscope. It supports taking snapshots every X seconds, which is nice. And more importantly you can reset the scan and re-arm the trigger any time and not have to wait until a scan is done. Also it triggers reliably at ultra slow signals.

The fact that the record-length is fixed means that at very slow timebase settings the screen refresh rate goes down dramatically! Most of what the DSO records is outside of the screen, good if you want to scroll – very bad if you just need what fits on the screen.


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