Lecroy WaveAce 224 — Mini-rant #2: Maximum annoyance!

Oh boy, this thing can’t even count correctly… or since when is 7 = 9 ?



I call that a bug.

The signal measured was not a simple periodic one, but a pulse-train of pulses of increasing length. The trigger does work correctly with a simple pure single-width pulse signal, but simple periodic signals are easy… I don’t need a digital scope for these.


I wonder if they ever thoroughly tested that firmware ( Could something like this have happened with more expensive Lecroy gear like say their new 450.000$ 60 odd something GHz scope? I hope not… and I also hope they still have access to the guys who developed / bought / acquired the WaveAce series scopes (apparently not an in-house job). Otherwise we will never see any firmware fixes for this.

I used my DSO Teaser (DSO-T) to create a pulse-train. Regularly spaced spikes of increasing well known length. The pulse-trigger feature should be THE IDEAL THING to trigger on a pulse of length X. Or so I thought.

Have a look at the video. I know it’s a bit long at times and the quality sucks, but I refuse to get a new digital camera as long as this one still works just fine.

Long story short: Currently I simply can’t trust the Pulse-Trigger. Sometimes I can get it to trigger on “something”, but unfortunately not necessarily on what I want it to trigger to. And most unfortunately it doesn’t even trigger on what it claims it will be triggering on. Just sad.

Honestly, I’d prefer it not to trigger at all than to trigger on a 9µs pulse when set to look for a 7µs pulse. I tested this feature with pulses from 1µs to 9µs and it seems that in this range there is a consistent difference of 2µs between what the DSO is set to look for and what it actually triggers on.

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