DSO Teaser

To see what of the trigger system of the WaveAce 224 works and doesn’t work (as I expect it), I’ve made a little device, which shall from now one be called DSO-T.

It is controlled by an AVR chip and with a little help of an old chip I found in a box – HCF4051 – a bidirectional analog multiplexer, it happily spits out digital waveforms at 3.3V, 5V (or combined) + trigger pulses for the case that I just can’t get the scope to trigger properly otherwise.

The purpose of this little board is to create all sorts of waveforms that are hard to trigger to, aperiodic things, missing pulses, rare pulses, a runt pulse, harmless 1kHz signals with tiny tiny dips/spikes somewhere, a pulse with a certain slope at some point and so forth.

The code is very simple.

I got the protoboard at elecfreaks. Many different sizes, very reasonably priced and good quality, too. Fortunately it doesn’t have the sick smell of the cheaper paper/rosin-based boards.

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