Pentax Optio S5z – leap year bug

Now I’d need a 2nd camera to show what’s going on. Let’s see if I can find an old web-cam…


How do I record from it using linux? Hmmm.

… time is passing … ding ding dang ding dang dong (TV game-show timer) …

‘kdenlive’ should be able to capture from a webcam, but it won’t. Finally got it to work with VLC. When will they ever fix that on linux. It should just work like the rest of it.

OK, back to the bug.

2012 is a leap-year, so February should have 29 days. The camera seems to be aware of that fact, as I can indeed set it to 29-02-2012 (or 2012-02-29 for people who like to sort by date). However, if I power-cycle the camera, it immediately greets me with the “set-date” screen. WTF? The battery is fully charged btw. My consultant Mr. Google didn’t bring up anything useful.

As I got fed up with setting the whole data again and again, I just punched in ‘something’ and woohoo: no more date-amnesia.

Solution: set the camera to a date that is leap-year-invariant.

So if you should find photos from me dated ‘Feb. 29th 2012’, remember how much attention I had to give them. They’re scarce and maybe even collectible in a 1000 years ;-)

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