Energy consumption rant — again!

With Canada having recently CHICKENED OUT of the Kyoto treaty, I’ve had a look at my various little power supplies again. I’m talking about ‘wall warts’ / laptop power supplies and the likes. The ones I have are 100% switch-mode technology and most of them are pretty efficient and have a low standby consumption as well.

Except one.

The best ones I currently use for my various LED-lamp projects are all made by MeanWell and very affordable. Multirange input, 50/60Hz of course. I’d like to explicitly mention two of them:


5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12V – 3A
13.5 (hard to find), 15V – 2.4A

Standby power consumption is well below 0.3W in all output voltage ranges.


3, 4.5, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12V – 2.25A

Standby power consumption is exceptionally low, in some cases my energy meter reads 0.0W!

The power supply that ticked me off (a pretty small and light one, which has its advantages as well), is made by T-ELEC:


3, 4.5, 5, 6, 9, 12V – 1A

Standby power consumption in the lower voltages is tolerable, but not good. In 12V mode it consumes a full 2.3W to do absolutely nothing!

Using this inefficient one with one of my LED lamps read about 3.3W with everything off except a few status LEDs. The MeanWell ones read somewhere around less than 1W.

This doesn’t sound much, but once you let these things run 24/7 it adds up… which brings me back to Canada!

Even if you’re a ‘global warming’ skeptic and don’t believe what the models predict and could care less about CO2 reduction, it should at least strike you as odd as to why it is considered normal and acceptable (by some folk) to WASTE energy.

Does the assumed abundance of something (food, energy, oil, ore, water…) permit a blatantly wasteful lifestyle?

I think not!

I’ve started reading a blog about electronics and fixing things recently, good and helpful content. The author lives in the US of A. I will not mention his site. Several times he’s shown how he had fixed stuff that would ‘otherwise have ended up in the landfill’. It strikes ME as odd why he always seems to mention the ‘landfill’… as if they don’t do any form of recycling over there.

Well, the next wars will be about oil and gas – just like many of the previous ones to find ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Sure. I still feel somewhat sad for Collin Powell, I guess Bush and his cronies forced him to tell a lie to the world.

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4 Responses to Energy consumption rant — again!

  1. Norbert says:

    Hi there,

    “The author lives in the US of A. I will not mention his site.”

    Why so? If we want to fix the world, we have to learn a lot from each other?!

  2. robert says:

    I can’t deny your logic there.

    So here’s the link to his site.

  3. Recycling options across the US vary widely. I live in a small town surrounding a liberal arts college and we’ve had curbside recycling for years. But they want things pre-separated — plastics, metals, etc. — so when I have consumer devices that can’t be repaired, I tear them apart into constituent pieces for recycling. I suspect that few consumers are willing to do that; and I have the impression that few US recycling companies will accept an intact but broken blender (for example). So way more stuff goes to the landfill than would need to.

  4. robert says:

    That is most unfortunate.

    All the expensive copper / aluminium / iron going to waste. Somebody could make money with all of that kind of ‘trash’.

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