Riding a bicycle at night — Most bikers are braindead…

… or will be !

It was at night, it was raining, ice rain at times, the roads were covered with slippery leaves. I met a lot of bikers – some of them had their lights on. I was still angry with them a bit, as they only had the crappy kind of lights. But still they were visible against the background.

The other kind of bikers either did not have lights mounted to their bikes or simply didn’t turn them on. I almost crashed into one of them. I SCREAMED at all of them, called them names, the most vile swearwords I could think of. I told them to turn their f*cking lights on, multiple times in case of one or two of them. It didn’t do any good ;-(


If you want to kill yourselves… fine with me! But at least have the decency to keep other bikers/pedestrians out of it.

I swear to (insert favourite deity here), if I crash into one of you retards while riding my bike and survive it, I will make you remember that day!

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