Zombie Meerkat — The compulsory Halloween project

2x red LEDs, 1x RGB LED, 1x ATtiny24, 1x MBI5168, 1x 470R potentiometer, 2x 270R, 1x 10k, 1x 294R resistors, perfboard, wire, solder and a lot of time.

The victim: a meerkat sculpture I wanted to ‘deal with’ last year already. The 5168 has one broken channel and the ATtiny24 has a broken brown-out reset module that goes berserk (hence turned off), so that’s a good excuse to use these two components in a permanent project.

Short time-lapse video (2MB).

The whole contraption is powered by a 5V boost converter, which happily runs for quite a while with 2 half-dead AA batteries. A great way to completely use up otherwise unusable nearly empty batteries!

The final code revision used for it.

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