Truly useable OSHW logo for KiCAD

Yes I do know that there are others available as well, but I didn’t like it. It is HUGE (about 6MB) and I couldn’t easily scale it.

Using ‘Bitmap2Component’, which is included in the later versions of KiCAD, I’ve created a fully vectorized version of the OSHW logo (without text). You can find it on In the unscaled state, this logo is about 1.18in high. That may very well be too large for most PCBs. To remedy this issue, I’ve included a little perl script ‘’ that will rescale it to your liking. You may also find this [1],[2] interesting.

The following text comes from the ‘readme.txt’ included in the “package”. Have fun with it.

The ‘OSHW_logo_orig.emp’ file results in a silkscreen logo with
about 1.18in height, which may be too large for your project.

Use the script to resize it:


Replace LAYER with the KiCad layer you need.

Top copper: 15
Top silkscreen: 21

To move the object to bottom copper/silkscreen, just place
the curser over the logo and press ‘F’ for flip in pcbnew.

Now start kicad/pcbnew, go into the library/footprint editor
(“open module editor”, it’s the icon left to the scissors looking
like a DIP chip) and click on the “import module” icon, select
the .emp file of your choice and click OK.

If you want to finish quickly, just click on the “insert module
into current board icon” (it’s the one with the yellow star).

Place the logo where you need it. If the size is still not correct,
repeat at the beginning.

If the logo doesn’t show up on your gerber files, your version
of kicad still suffers from bug #792399.


What’s also quite neat about ‘Bitmap2Component is that you can create custom shapes on COPPER, something that is not part of KiCAD for footprints out of the box. Draw it in some other program (like Inkscape), export it as png, convert and scale. Bingo! It might be useful for custom capacitive sensing buttons or silicone push buttons. Currently you have to manually change/hack the layer # to move the artwork from silkscreen to a copper layer (0 and 15 are the usual top and bottom copper).

Late 2014 update:

The scripts mentioned above only deal with the deprecated .MOD files. These are NOT fully supported by the latest KiCad releases anymore. You can still read them, but not create / save them anymore.

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