Property Management SUCKS — Rant

Now it’s just 2 days before XMAS, it is cold outside and there is snow and last Monday we were surprised by a hoard of friggin’ painters refurbishing the stairways and doors of our apartment complex.

What’s wrong here?

Why on earth would some DUDE/DUDETTE of our property management choose such a time of the year to TORTURE us with noise and horrible STENCH of paint?

I’m not very fond of having to spend the holidays in my apartment which is constantly flooded by possibly harmful fumes. They were ‘kind’ enough to remove the rubber gaskets, so my door leaks worse than before – oh and now it even chatters if other inhabitants open/close their doors.

As I live on the top floor there is a non negligible chimney effect and the fumes get pushed into my place. If I open my windows to allow fresh air to come in it gets even worse.


Bunch of retarded nitwits. I hope you spend the holidays with diarrhea and intestinal cramps.

The only way to survive in this place is to seal my door with painter’s tape, and it is quite an effort to make it air-tight. Even the key-hole has to be taken care of ;-(

…cannot get out… they’re coming…

Property management SUCKS Property management SUCKS Property management SUCKS

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5 Responses to Property Management SUCKS — Rant

  1. Mrs. B. says:

    I can sympathize with you! Every year my property managers do an inspection. Not really a big deal; they are wanting to make sure no one is trashing the place. I get that. The last two years, they’ve done it the week before Christmas-because “you’ll be cleaning anyway”! Yes, I will be, but my Christmas guests aren’t going to peek into my oven or behind the refrigerator! I have enough stuff to do, dammit!

  2. Karen says:

    You should ask for low-VOC or no-VOC paint. It produces no fumes and is much healthier for you — and the painters!

  3. robert says:


    If they had had the courtesy of informing us before this olfactory assault just a few days before Xmas I could have had a word with them. But nooo… the ordinary people don’t get informed beforehand, we only pay the rent. Thankfully the smell is gone now, after about 6 weeks.

  4. deb says:

    I live in a house ran by a property management company (the manager owns the company and runs it). Shes an idiot,and so is the maintenance man who lives down the road from me, you cant tell by the lack of him ever fixing anything! When we signed the lease we had to go to sonic cuz she doesnt have an office. She was in a big hurry also i know why now.

    the house was infested with dead roaches and roach poo to the naked eye you couldnt tell it had an old house smell i never thought anything about it. What with never being able to rent a house always apartments i was so excited to move in i didnt look at everything.

    Any ways they finally put in the new ac after 3 months im in fl btw. But now you cant take a shower for more than 5 minutes because it fills up in the tub and then when it drains int comes out of the bottom edge of the toilet.

    We told her. the maintenance man came out 3 days later put a new wax ring down.Obviously thats not the problem or it would leak all the time and not just when taking a shower. So that didnt work so i called again. this time they pumped the septic great im sure it needed it any ways. But alas the problem persists.

    im pretty sure its the drain field. because it really gets worse when it rains or you cant take a shower more then 30 minutes after some one else. Im sick of calling her she so stupid. Tha maintenance man was supposed to call and then come out a month ago to fix the water heater it gets really hot like the water is basically boiling probably the element he wont even call he lives down the street from me seriously im sick of it these are the MOST STUPID PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

    Also when we signed the lease we had to sign a paper saying there was an inspection how am i supposed to know if there was or wasnt. they didnt perform an inspection whne i moved in so no there wasnt but i didnt know thats what that meant at the time.

    and we had to clean the house our selves and normally dont they wave the deposit when you have to clean? she wouldnt wave the deposit instead she knocked 250 off our first months rent all i know is i better get my deposit back cuz this house is worth about 300 dollars more a month just cuz i moved in and had them do some of their job.

    Of i dont get it back it will be trashed! FREAKIN IDIOTS!!!!!

  5. robert says:

    I feel with you.

    Having an especially ‘skilled’ property manger with an ‘If it’s not mine I don’t care’ attitude is a pain. Best to document all issues with clear pictures and have some sort of logbook + file to document it all (phone calls, reaction or lack thereof, …). And always stay polite. If things go really sour, you can at least show the fault is not on your side.

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