PulseAudio annoyance — headphones killing my ears

“Based on code originally contributed by Marc-André Lureau we now support Flat Volumes. The idea behind flat volumes has been inspired by how Windows Vista handles volume control: instead of maintaining one volume control per application stream plus one device volume we instead fix the device volume automatically to the “loudest” application stream volume.”

Taken from here.

Whoever decided to enable this as the default deserves a slap on the back of the head – for every single time me ears have been “POP-ed” at max volume.

What am I talking about?

At least on openSUSE 11.3 the PulseAudio server runs with ‘flat-volumes = yes’ as the default. Now imagine what happens if a rogue applications sets its volume to MAX and you’re using headphones… I can still hear the ringing in my ears!

Do yourself a favour and disable this option by adding

to /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

What a piece of shit — said option, not PA itself. If someone or something is to fiddle with my master volume it’s ME and not some piece of code.


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