SUGRU — a short adulation

I had been waiting for my pack of SUGRU for quite a while. Fortunately they have successfully tackled the step towards mass production and it is now available through their website.

For those of you who might now have heard about this hyped new stuff, it’s silicone putty that comes in different colors, can easily be formed using bare fingers and after curing into elastic rubber it permanently sticks to all sorts of materials. Wood, glass, metal… you name it. Quite useful.

I used it to fix my bike’s U-lock problem. It was constantly hitting the frame, abrading the paint and damaging the aluminium underneath. Nothing special really, but this stuff just works ;-)

Just like with ordinary silicone goop surfaces that must not be adhered to, should be treated with a water/dishwasher fluid mixture.

There are may of possible uses for it. I’m planning to use some of it in electronics as well ;-)

One thing I’m missing is more colors though. Currently you can get these: orange, blue, green, black.

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  1. MySugruHacks says:

    See what others are doing with Sugru on you can also upload your hacks for the world to see.

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