Picture Dump — Jan 2010

New Year is over, time to post something new to get the fireworks images out of the way ;-) Here’s a slogan that’s a perfect match to my current state of mind:

“Until you decide that NOTHING will stop you from success, EVERYTHING will.”

That one contains a lot of wisdom.

And now some images of snow (lots actually, I’m sick of it already), my new green 5mW DPSS laser pointer from Dealextreme, and some POV experiments. The laser pointer will come in handy once I’m done with my current occupation. I call it “The Bane”.

Riding my bike will be interesting in these conditions:

Snow again...

Losing some photons:

Inexcusable loss of intensity

Much better:

Wanna be LIDAR

Lissajous Figures. The first to calculate the frequency ratio and phase shift will get a little something:

POV and scattering on water droplets. Lissajous Figures.

More POV:

Temperature enhanced POV using self stabilizing multilayers of ice crystals.

And now if you will excuse me, I’ll have to take a hot shower. Otherwise I’ll freeze to death outside. Probably I shouldn’t ride my bike, but at least it won’t be boring. Up till now I wouldn’t have thought that boredom in a more abstract sense could be so annoying – and that is an understatement.


On second thought I shouldn’t call it boredom, but a massive shift of interest. The emotional subsystem of the human brain is as strong as ever, thanks to our distant ancestors, tiny rodent like mammals. Or in other words: RATS!

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