MSOP10/TSSOP8 – DIP adapters — they’ve finally arrived

I’ve waited almost 8 weeks… and finally the reward ;-)

And I’ve already managed to solder the LT1618 boost converter chip to one of these. Compared to soldering TQFP-32 packages this screams for solder paste and a hot air station. You need patience and flux… LOTS!


This needs a very steady hand. Even with a quite pointy tip pin-by-pin soldering just doesn’t work anymore. Flood all of them, apply plenty of flux and use a clean tip to wipe the excess off. If I had to do many of them, I’d get solder paste and a hot air station.


The other side is for TSSOP8 chips.


If you need some of them, drop me a message (No headers, no chips, just the bare adapter PCB). But I don’t want to find any of these on ebay! This is intended for hobbyists who actually need these for prototyping and don’t want to pay the hilarious prices for adapters. If you need thousands, just download the gerber files and have them made.

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11 Responses to MSOP10/TSSOP8 – DIP adapters — they’ve finally arrived

  1. robert says:

    Dear appreciated readers,

    I don’t sell any integrated circuits, unless they’re part of a DIY kit!
    The adapters are bare, just the PCB, no headers, no chip.

  2. Peter says:

    Great initative. I need a couple of those msop adaptors. let me know how we can exchange goods/money.

    grusse aus die Niederlande

  3. robert says:

    Well, I’d say bank transfer and letter ;-)

    Send me a PM, so we can discuss it further.

  4. Yan - XV4TUJ says:

    I am interested by your MSOP adpaters. Is the pitch 0,5mm ?
    How can we arrange for payment and shipping ?

  5. robert says:

    Yes the pitch is 5mm. I’ve sent you a PM.

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  7. davo says:

    Hiya, would like to ask about the msop adapters you have any left ?



  8. Px says:


    Would like to know if the adapter is compatible with this product “”?


    • robert says:

      I’ve had a look. The package of that amplifier chip is way smaller, so it wouldn’t even hit the copper on the adapter board.

      A very clear no.

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